very business person realized how important is correctness of accounting reporting of their business, which increases demand for professional accountants. Our goal is to prepare a professional accounting staff in our training center, who will always meet the employer needs.

Everyone, who is interested in this sphere and wants to be a professional accountant, we offer a certified courses, which includes:

  • Certification programs for accountants by the International Accounting Standards
  • Advanced training for professional accountants and auditors
  • Management courses for the customers
  • Computerized accounting using “ORIS”
  • Review of the Tax Code of Georgia
  • Customer service training
  • English Language Training

  • After completing this course you can go through practice in our organization and if you demonstrate a willingness to learn quickly the necessary skills – you may be employed with “ARG GROUP” or will be recommended to work to our partner firms. If you are interested in our training programs, please contact us.

    Please remember that all depends on your desire.

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