We keep our word and deliver on our promises ARG Group LLC was founded in 2008. Since then our company is one of the leading company in Georgian Audit, Accounting and Consulting market. In 2018 ARG Group LLC along with its affiliate members The Academy of Business and Audit became a full member of JPA International. Therefore since this time ARG Group LLC, The Academy of Business and Audit LLC operate under JPA ARG GROUP and Academy of Business and Audit names. PA is a cohesive international network of independent member firms providing audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services across the globe. JPA International is an International Audit and Accounting Company is a network of independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in major business centers in 70 countries 20th International Network Be the Accountancy Age 2018 Worldwide ranking. JPA International member firms work together to meet client demands for capabilities anywhere in the world.  ARG Group offers a wide range of business services. Core services include audit, accounting, tax and legal with complementary specialism in consulting and corporate finance. Our priority is to put clients first – to understand their situation and provide a unique service tailored to their specific needs. Our objective is to always maintain a high level of professional integrity. Accountancy is something which most businesses preserve most carefully. That’s why our starting principle is: to handle all personal and business information entrusted to us with extreme confidentiality. Your privacy is particularly important to us and our Privacy Policy is very simple: We do not share any personal information we collect from you with any other organizations or individuals. No client’s information will be provided to any third party without mutual consent on this. We apply modern accounting practices and use up-to-date communication techniques in audit, accounting, tax, legal services. As well as in educational programs and management consultations. We always want to know what our clients think about us, we communicate with them regularly to gain their frank feedback.

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